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With an estimated 19 million Americans living with major depression, it is quite likely that you or someone you know is struggling with this very treatable condition. Some of the common symptoms of depression include: change in appetite; sleep problems; fatigue; feeling worthless, guilty or hopeless; lack of interest in things you used to enjoy; avoiding family and friends; poor concentration/memory; decreased motivation and suicidal thoughts.

As a therapist, I have found that the most challenging symptoms of depression are the ones that lead a person to believe that nothing will ever get better (hopelessness) and that no one cares about them or would miss them if they were gone (worthlessness.) It is these beliefs that keep a depressed person from reaching out for help.

A combination of anti-depressants and cognitive behavioral therapy is the BEST treatment available and improves symptoms of depression most of the time. If someone you care about appears depressed, tell them that you are concerned about them, offer to go the doctor with them and encourage them that things will get better if they reach out to professionals for help.

Dana Nolan
Mental Health Counselor
Healthy Living Counseling, LLC