Counseling for Academic Concerns

It is quite common for high school and college students to experience anxiety related to their academic performance. Worrying about how you will do on your finals, SAT, FCAT can affect your concentration and memory which definitely can affect test performance. Learning strategies to understand and manage that anxiety is quite helpful to improve self-esteem, self-confidence and test performance!

Young adults are faced with their first major life decisions about whether to attend college, what college to go to, what to study, whether to join a fraternity or sorority, etc. Many people benefit from the opportunity to explore their strengths and areas of interest in counseling to help them feel confident in making these important decisions in their academic lives

There is help available to you and therapy can provide a safe, supportive, non-threatening environment to you. Together, you and your therapist can develop a plan of treatment specific to your needs. Please contact Dana Nolan and receive a brief free phone consultation.

Finding the right counselor is important, therapeutic relationships are built on trust, honesty and mutual respect between the therapist and the client. It is important to find a counselor with whom you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings AND who has the necessary expertise to help you reach your goals. For that reason, we offer a free brief phone consultation to ensure that we are the right fit for you. If you are feeling depressed or would like to discuss some other issue(s), please don't hesitate to contact Dana Nolan at 407-340-2474.






















Psychotherapy and Counseling Services For Academic Concerns









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