Counseling for Depression

Sometimes people can end up feeling depressed, sad, unhappy or "down in the dumps." It is important that you know that you are not alone. Depression affects many people, in many different ways and is experienced by each person differently. A therapist can provide counseling for depression issues whether short-term or for longer lasting periods of depression. Many life altering events can contribute to feelings of depression, such as a serious illness like cancer, grieving the loss of a loved one, depression after child-birth, loss of a job, loss of a child, childhood abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse/rape, or other overwhelming stressful events. When these feelings last for more than a few weeks and become overwhelming or unmanageable, it may be time to seek the help of a licensed mental health counselor. Mental health therapists, such as Dana Nolan, can provide counseling services to help alleviate your depression, help you understand it better, and assist you in formulating coping skills so you can manage better in your daily life functions. Therapists can also evaluate whether an anti-depressant would help you as an additional form of treatment for depression as well.

Some signs of depression may include: constant sadness, irritability, hopelessness, lonliness, difficulty in ability to concentrate, difficulty in making decisions, memory difficulties, feeling worthless or guilty for no reason, trouble sleeping, excessive sleeping, restlestness, loss of interest in hobbies/activities that were once pleasurable, emotional eating, loss of appetite, low energy or fatigue, significant weight change, thoughts of self harm, feeling suicidal, thoughts of suicide, anxious or feelings of emptiness. Recognizing how you are feeling is an important first step towards recognizing that you may need the extra help of a professional such as a counselor or therapist for your depression. One key symptom of depression is a sense of hopelessness that you will never feel better, however, it is important to remember that depression is a very treatable mental health challenge!

Finding the right counselor is important, therapeutic relationships are built on trust, honesty and mutual respect between the therapist and the client. It is important to find a counselor with whom you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings AND who has the necessary expertise to help you reach your goals. For that reason, we offer a free brief phone consultation to ensure that we are the right fit for you. If you are feeling depressed or would like to discuss some other issue(s), please don't hesitate to contact Dana Nolan at 407-340-2474.






















Psychotherapy and Counseling Services For Depression









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